Difficult Days Ahead

What is happening in our region today must be connected to history.

A Note to Students

As a university, we want to inspire and motivate our students to be active and engaged citizens. We do not discourage activism, but rather would like to help you consider safe and thoughtful ways to get involved.

A Message from Chancellor Wrighton

My greatest hope is that, through this tragedy, the region finds a peaceful path to a brighter future.

This Book Has No End

The conclusion of the Mosaic Project provides us the opportunity to measure our progress.


Too often in news outlets protesters are portrayed as violent cartoons.

Podcast: Stripes and Scars

Now is an appropriate moment to carefully consider the complex relationship between violence and protest.

New Online Projects Seek to Capture Ferguson Events, Coverage, and Impact: User input needed

In response to recent historic events taking place in the Saint Louis metropolitan area, Washington University Libraries in collaboration with campus partners in the Center for the Humanities and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion have created a unique opportunity for sharing user-created content documenting the events in and around Ferguson, Missouri, following the killing […]

Reflections on Ferguson

My great fear is that we won’t use this tragedy to make progress on changing what must be changed.

Confronting Our Separation

The events of the last several weeks are not academic abstractions to me.

Black Men Under Pressure

I’m hoping that we can move beyond rallies and rhetoric to bring about real change.

The Hope of Ferguson

We don’t need peace right now—we need unrest.

Why I Fear For My Sons

Police stop, search and arrest black people at a disproportionate rate.

A Fight We Must Join

Dialogues become stagnant without relevant and purposeful action.

A Moment of Reflection on Monday, August 25

As a young man is laid to rest in Ferguson, we should pause and reflect upon tragic recent events and the persistent challenges we face as a region.

This is Our Hometown

When St. Louis is hurting, we’re all hurting.

Are We Ferguson?

With all of its complexities, Ferguson does not sound like my world.

Is Ferguson Anomalous?

Changing racial injustice requires changing more than beliefs and attitudes.

Let’s Talk About Race

“You spent too much time talking about race in this class.”

A Message from Chancellor Wrighton

We must do more to solve the problems we face, in order to achieve a stronger St. Louis region for all its citizens.