A Note to Students

As a university, we want to inspire and motivate our students to be active and engaged citizens. Finding creative, meaningful and constructive channels for expression of thought is an important part of your educational experience. We do not discourage activism, but rather would like to help you consider safe and thoughtful ways to get involved.

Students who are considering going off-campus to participate in protest activities in the days leading up to and following the Ferguson grand jury announcement may wish to keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Don’t go to off-campus protest activities that present a possible danger to your safety and well-being. Instead we hope you’ll consider engaging in activities or programs that might be safer.
  • A number of opportunities are planned on campus in the days and weeks ahead, including a series of “Talking Circles” to discuss the issues with your fellow students. And keep an eye on this page to learn about other planned events.
  • If you do choose to participate in off-campus protest activity, you are responsible for your own personal safety and any consequences of your actions. But we offer the following key suggestions:
    • It is always wiser not to travel alone. If others are going, go with a group;
    • Let others know where you are going – especially your parents and family
      members – and when you plan to return;
    • Carry a charged cell phone and your identification with you;
    • Follow the instructions of law enforcement if asked to leave an area;
    • If a situation becomes violent, move immediately to a safe location.

Remember, advisors are here to support you and we can help guide you and your organizations to make choices that are safe and responsible. We’re here for you.


Your Student Advisors