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February 13-14, Medical and Danforth Campuses

From the Chancellor: Why WashU Voices?

Since August 9th, our St. Louis community has been gripped by tension and unrest. The events in Ferguson, which began with the tragic death of a young man, continue to have profound impact on each of us personally, our university and the St. Louis region overall. It presents challenges of historic proportions. Through this tragedy, our community has the opportunity to become better and stronger.
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A message from Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton

By Mark S. Wrighton on August 26, 2016

Among the great strengths of our university are the bonds that hold us together. During troubling times, we call on each other for support and look for opportunities to grow.

How to Make Black Lives Matter

By Garrett Duncan on August 23, 2016 / No Comments

Young people nowadays would stand to benefit from those of us with resources to listen to them, and to employ our assets in accord with their interests.

The Murder of Michael Brown

By Clarissa Rile Hayward and Colin Gordon on August 9, 2016 / No Comments

Brown’s death has become a marker: shorthand for an array of urban and suburban ills.

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