In St. Louis Area, A Short Distance Can Make A Big Difference

Jason Purnell

Jason Purnell, PhD, assistant professor at the Brown School

The largest difference we found between ZIP codes was between 63106, which is in North St. Louis City, and the 63105, which is in a suburb called Clayton. And there was an 18-year difference in life expectancy. And that’s a difference, in terms of distance, of under 10 miles. 63106 would be predominately African-American, a high proportion of low income households, an unemployment rate that would be much higher. The suburb of Clayton is ranked among some of the wealthiest municipalities in the country – high home values, predominantly white, the level of access to resources like fresh fruits and vegetables. Just basic human needs are not evenly distributed.

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  1. Jason,

    On behalf of the entire Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: thanking you warmly for the report “For the Sake of All”, which we discussed at our journal club last nightt. It is a very poignant call to action and a prime example of an outstanding argument bypassing aspects of the conversation which unfortunately typically devolve in political disagreements along predictable lines. Thank you and hoping to meet you soon.

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