What a grand jury does, and why the Darren Wilson case was unusual

Peter A. Joy, JD, Henry Hitchcock Professor of Law Now that the grand jury has decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year old man, there remain many questions about this grand jury and generally about the use of grand juries in the United States. The fact […]

Dear members of the Washington University community, As the calendar year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on how 2015 began, with hundreds of members of our community coming together in February to explore issues related to race, racism, diversity and inclusion. During our Day of Discovery and Dialogue, we had candid and […]

A message from Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton

Among the great strengths of our university are the bonds that hold us together. During troubling times, we call on each other for support and look for opportunities to grow.

How to Make Black Lives Matter

Young people nowadays would stand to benefit from those of us with resources to listen to them, and to employ our assets in accord with their interests.

The Murder of Michael Brown

Brown’s death has become a marker: shorthand for an array of urban and suburban ills.

Leading by example

The issues that affect us may be different, but no deed is too small if everyone is contributing to improve the world we live in.

Hope in Ferguson

Hopeless situations need not stay that way. But meaningful change requires more than structural fixes, legal fights, and opinion pieces.

Reflections After Ferguson

Together, [my son] and I got him and me through his teen years, the years that Michael Brown would not live through.

Fairness in the voting booth

The choice of voting procedure can have a profound impact on whether an elected body is representative of its constituency.

Protect all of our sons

How do I prepare a jewel of five years for a lifetime of society that is not prepared for him?

Big Problems, Fake Solutions

The Black Lives Matter movement is calling for fundamental change. But all elites are offering is tepid reform.

Podcast: Faith and Protest in Ferguson

Ferguson continues to work toward healing and define common goals, in many cases with the help of religious leaders and institutions.

University College to present ‘From Athens to Ferguson’ lecture series

Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and elsewhere, have raised fundamental questions concerning justice, race and urban life. Please join us as Washington University faculty from Classics, History, Architecture and English and African-American Studies, examine related questions in a series of lectures in Washington University’s Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) Saturday Lecture Series, running throughout February. […]

Law and Violence

The law that structures our society kills people. Some of the people it kills are innocent.

After Ferguson

Challenging racism requires more than just changing the actions of individual political agents.

A Message from School of Medicine Dean Shapiro

It is my greatest wish that the St. Louis region, as a whole, will respond thoughtfully, respectfully, peacefully and with open minds as we move toward becoming a better, more unified community.

A Message from Sharon Stahl

My hope remains that we will commit to finding meaningful ways to heal and work toward a stronger and more engaged community.

A Message to Parents from Chancellor Wrighton

This continues to be a fluid situation, however we are doing our best to pass along credible information as we have it and to respond to the needs of our community.

A Message from Chancellor Wrighton

My hope is for a peaceful and meaningful response to whatever the decision may be, and then a turn to the hard work ahead.

A Message from Chancellor Wrighton

As always, we continue to hope for a peaceful resolution to the tension we’ve experienced since August. At the same time, we are taking this situation very seriously.

A Message to Parents from Chancellor Wrighton

As we anticipate a decision from the grand jury in police officer Darren Wilson’s case, we have taken every precaution to maintain the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff.