A Moment of Reflection on Monday, August 25

Monday, August 25, will be a poignant day for St. Louis. As a young man is laid to rest in Ferguson, it is important to pause and reflect upon tragic recent events and the persistent challenges we face as a region. Washington University will join in this moment by lowering the university’s flag to half-staff from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., as Michael Brown’s memorial is held. We also will ring the bells at Graham Chapel for five minutes when the service begins. As the bells ring, we ask that you silently reflect upon how we can be better and do better … and strengthen our community overall.

Mark S. Wrighton

H. Holden Thorp


  1. I am deeply disturbed by the University’s actions as it relates to the funeral of Michael Brown. We are lowering the flags to half staff, ringing the Graham Chapel bells, as if this individual is some sort of national hero or treasure.
    As of this writing, the grand jury is still examining the evidence of this case, and slowly we are beginning to get the “other side” of the story…a story that is disturbing: a story about a young, decorated Police Officer who was severely beaten by Michael Brown who had reportedly just committed a felony robbery at a nearby QuikTrip. People are chanting “Death to Officer Wilson”, a man who, by all current accounts, had a spotless work record and who shot Michael Brown after already being seriously injured by him.
    Will we also ring the bells in honor of Officer Wilson if he is exonerated? Or will we join the chant to have him hung simply for political expediency?
    I wholeheartedly support the initiatives for a fair and equitable workplace, free of bias and violence. Let us not, however, in our fervor for “justice” celebrate less than honorable actions — or people — prematurely.

    1. I did. It has absolutely nothing to do with honoring a thug who committed multiple felonies before he was justifiably shot by a very good and dedicated police officer.

  2. Truly, one of the most embarrassing episodes of this entire debacle was how the campus responded. The administration was so deeply concerned about feeling relevant that they gave Michael Brown the same honor bestowed upon a fallen president. Why? Had Michael Brown lived he would be facing years in prison for multiple felonies. Am I Michael Brown? HELL NO! I’m a law abiding citizen who respects the police and honors their dedication. I want this university to honor Officer Darren Wilson, a man who nearly lost his life protecting the good people of Ferguson.

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