Professor Kimberly Norwood moderated this panel about how to see beyond stereotypes. She compared it to losing weight or quitting smoking.

“You must zero in on the problem and then consciously, consciously focus on changing it,” Norwood said.

Panelists talked about the importance of empathy, how stereotypes intersect and different strategies for talking about race.

Watch the videos below.

Panel Discussion


Kim Norwood, JD
Professor of Law, School of Law; and Professor, African and African-American Studies, Arts & Sciences

  • Shyam Akula
    Undergraduate Student, Biology and Neuroscience, Arts & Sciences, Class of 2016
  • LaTanya Buck, PhD
    Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Alan Lambert, PhD
    Associate Professor, Psychology; Arts & Sciences
  • Molly Metzger, PhD
    Assistant Professor, Brown School
  • Carrie Pettus-Davis, PhD
    Assistant Professor; Brown School

Open Forum

Student Visual Journalism – Session Four