Why Black Lives Matter Ought to Matter to Medical Students: A Familiar Message Revisited

Suhas Gondi, senior, pre-med, Arts & Sciences

In December of 2014, one week after the non-indictment in the case of Michael Brown, in-Training published an article entitled “A Lack of Care: Why Medical Students Should Focus on Ferguson.” In it, Jennifer Tsai argued that the systemic racism rampant in our law enforcement and criminal justice systems also permeates our health care system, affecting both access to care for black patients and the quality of care black patients receive. Lamenting that the medical community was largely absent from the Ferguson controversy, she cited startling statistics of disparities in health and health care as part of her call to action. In light of the events last week in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas, it’s time to revisit this message.

The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile re-galvanized the Black Lives Matter movement, which began in Ferguson and has since spread to every corner of this country. Besides spurring impassioned advocacy, they serve as a reminder to us all of the systemic racism still ingrained in our society. The seemingly innate biases so many of us carry have not eroded — they still abound in our daily lives and the world around us.

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