Our greatest hope is that this experience is meaningful and insightful, and that it helps us grow as individuals and as a university. It is intended as an important step toward becoming a more engaged, welcoming, and inclusive community. Not a punctuation mark. Not an end. Rather, a necessary beginning if we truly are to “do better and be better.”

The program is a unique combination of substantive backdrop and open conversations. We have gathered an outstanding cross-section of scholars and student leaders to help frame the conversation through their research, expertise, and personal experiences. Each of us has the opportunity to listen, learn, become more aware, and share perspectives.

We are grateful for your time, passion, and energy. We need your creative thinking. We value your candor.

This is an important moment for our university community … not just for today, but also for all the generations to come. Our greatest asset is our people—our students, our staff, our faculty—and when we listen to each other, we grow and we learn.

Thank you for helping us move forward.


Mark S. Wrighton